Ski Boots Red,Black Salomon Mission MG MensSki Boots Red,Black Salomon Mission MG Mens
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  • Ski Boots Red,Black Salomon Mission MG Mens
  • Ski Boots Red,Black Salomon Mission MG Mens

Ski Boots Red,Black Salomon Mission MG Mens

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Ski Boots Red,Black Salomon Mission MG Mens


SALOMON, the world's top outdoor sports brand founded in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps, is designed to revolutionize the revolutionary new concept and discover the potential performance of the product. Salomon has a wealth of experience in manufacturing outdoor off-road and hiking shoes. It has created a number of patents in more than 10 years to lead people in the new era of outdoor sports.

SONIC as SALOMON specifically for the road running to create high-end product line, in the design concept to reflect the other run with the different products. The SONIC family includes S-LAB SONIC 2, SONIC, SONIC PRO 2, SONIC AERO.


The SENSE family includes S-LAB SENSE ULTRA, S-LAB SENSE 6, S-LAB SENSE 6 SG, SENSE PRO MAX, SENSE PRO 2, SENSE MARIN, which is synonymous with international athletes and is a long distance cross country running shoes. PEEDCROSS-winning mud cross country.


SPEEDCROSS was born in 2006, designed for wet road and mud off-road to provide excellent grip performance. The SPEEDCROSS product line includes S-LAB SPEEDCROSS, SPEEDCROSS 4 GTX, SPEEDCROSS PRO, SPEEDCROSS 4 CS, SPEEDCROSS 4, SPEEDCROSS VARIO GTX, SPEEDCROSS VARIO.

WINGS Series

Cross-country run terrain complex, in addition to the way the rocks, roots and other obstacles, changing weather, but also face uphill downhill constantly switching challenges, technical difficulty is quite high. Especially downhill, due to the acceleration of gravity, on the one hand can feel the pleasure of flying, on the other hand must pay attention to safety, to ensure that does not sprain ankle or fall. WINGS series of design is to ensure the speed of the same time, to provide excellent grip and stability, self-confidence to cope with downhill sections.

- Mission MG
- Mens
- Ski Boots
- Red,Black

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